lack of inspirationSo…here are my little thoughts and big struggles about how important is inspiration.

I began to create a story about a photo, and suddenly inspiration is gone…!
Oh Gosh!!!
I love bringing thoughts to life and using colors and textures that speak silent words of my innermost feelings that mere words can’t express
But there are times, just like the best of us, that I am hit with a creative block.
Illnesses, circumstances or even our environment can contribute to the loss of creative inspiration. 

I was dealing with details to match the lightning, and taking care of little things,and when i was about to conclude the creation… it happened after 4 hours of actions…it was lost.

 In these kind of moods,or whatever can i call this blocking thing 😛 , that the following three tips come in handy, and help me keep going.

You Cannot Force Inspiration – Recognizing this fact is the first step to keep going and rise above the situation. Creative blocks are natural and every human being that creates, in virtually every corner of the world, goes through these phases. Inspiration comes from within, and you cannot force it in any way. When you feel the inspiration is gone, don’t panic,like me 😀 staying sleepless trying to come out of my head,that often is loudly,and trying to figure it out what went wrong.

Change Your Inspiration – If inspiration is gone, f@ck it (oops I’ve shouldn’t wrote that), take a nap, walk,meet a friend,stay with yourself in a coffee shop,cinema or to your preferred fats food (:P don’t get fat though) listen to your favorite music,go crazy for a moment, relax, enjoy your being because you are alive and you have a huge power…the power to CREATE beautiful things.

Experiment – Most creative geniuses are those who have risen above the worst circumstances and have given new meaning to art as they experimented. Art changes over time, and in your lowest moments, your very lack of inspiration could be the start of the creation of a new form of art.

So,for now this is it! 🙂

Thank you for reading!

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