Her name is Elgita Metani ,

A special spirit full of strength and will to live, she has all her own story to “scream out” to the world.

If you will be lucky enough to meet her, you will understand life in its roots.

Reality is full of natural disgraces, bad lucks, events that should not have to happen,but through out these you get to understand that we are s small water drop among the holle ocean of life

Born very healthy, after 11 months the lovely baby called Elgita, got sick of Poliomyelitis, which unfortunately leaves consequences on the left femoral.
Unfortunately, damage at femoral sinistra is irreversible.

Fighting of the disease with an extraordinary strength, that only Gita has, she lives her life completely, fully with an incredible passion and a pure crystal smile.


She likes to travel a lot, to listen “New Kids on the Block”; her favorite boy band, or to sing out  golden music.
She likes to watch movies but mostly always in repeated way, movies of her favorite actor Josh Lucas.
Milan is the soccer team she goes crazy for.

She lives in a fancy world, just like her hero, Superman, ’cause she’s a Superwoman.



You have the extraordinary power to calm all my mind hurricanes, my bubble!

Endles luv,

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