This Modular Camera Gear Will Change the Way You Work

Let’s face it – photography is tough work. And that’s the case whether you’re a newbie or a pro!

So what we don’t need is for our gear to get in the way or otherwise make it more difficult to get the great shots we dream of.

Unfortunately, I’ve found – as I’m sure you have, too – that when it comes to carrying gear, much of what’s available today is of the mass-produced variety that lacks the level of organization, flexibility, and comfort that we should all demand.

On top of that, many camera bags and backpacks seem to be of the one-size-fits-all variety, without much in the way of customizing how it works.

Well, that’s all changed, my friends!

How About a Bag That Pulls Double Duty?

2647 Hold Fast Gear Sightseer Brandon Burk Photography 2017 1024x1024 image

Photo by Brandon Burk

I’ve written before about the virtues of the products put out by Holdfast Gear before…

If there’s a company that’s put the photographer’s experience first, it’s them!

They continue in that tradition of keeping our comfort and ease of workflow in mind with their new Small Sightseer Camera and Lens Modular System.

As the name states, this little guy is modular and can pull double duty.

hfsightseermoneymaker image

You can use it as a standalone shoulder bag that accommodates a small camera system or you can attach it to a MoneyMaker (just like the large bag shown above) and use it as a bag or a lens pouch that accommodates two lenses.

And don’t think that this little guy can only fit a couple of small prime lenses, either…

It’s got an expandable base, which when unzipped, gives you almost 3-inches of additional height. That means you can carry up to a 70-200mm lens in addition to another lens as well.

Now that’s what I call versatility!

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How About a Bag That Can Grow With You?

hfsmallpouch image

When I first started out in photography, I didn’t need a giant bag because all I had was one camera body and one lens.

But as I developed my skills and began to collect more gear, guess what happened to my first camera bag?

As my carrying needs outstripped its capacity, it found its way to the back of my closet.

But that doesn’t have to happen anymore because the Small Sightseer Bag doesn’t just expand to accommodate longer lenses…

hflargepouch image

This bag was designed with the idea of expansion in mind. When you’re just beginning in photography, use the bag on its own for a streamlined carrying experience.

Then, as your collection of gear builds, simply add on pockets and pouches to accommodate your new stuff. In fact, you can add up to five of them to the bag.

Holdfast has small, medium, and large lens pouches that accommodate everything from small primes to 70-200mm zooms. Each pouch has a false bottom pad so you can store memory cards, batteries or other small accessories under it, or if you wish, you can use the pad as a divider and stack two small lenses on top of one another in a single pouch, like the large pouch shown above.

pouchesmoneymaker image

And those pouches are easy to add, too – just use the thick, Velcro-backed leather strap and side straps to attach them to the body of the bag, not unlike what the military does to increase the carrying capacity of backpacks in the field. You can even carry them with the MoneyMaker (as shown above) or you can wear them on your belt.

That modularity means that this is the most versatile camera bag on the market!

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Let’s Not Forget Comfort…

2641 Hold Fast Gear Sightseer Brandon Burk Photography 2017 1024x1024 image

Photo by Brandon Burk

I’ve had some bags over the years that were great on organization but terrible to carry. I’ve had others that were the opposite, too.

But my Holdfast bags manage to give me the organization I want while also being a breeze to carry. Their products are easy on the eyes as well.

The Small Sightseer Bag is no exception, as its waxed canvas and American Bison leather exterior is both gorgeous and functional (it’s weather resistant to protect your gear). The Aztec flannel fleece interior lining is also a nice touch that keeps my gear from clanking around.

I appreciate its sleek form factor which makes for a great carrying experience whether I carry it as a small shoulder bag or I carry it on my MoneyMaker.

In other words, Holdfast’s Sightseer line of products is the ideal solution for photographers that want finely-crafted accessories that keep your gear organized, easy to access, and safe, right at your fingertips where it should be.

But don’t take my word for it – see all this bag has to offer in the video above by Holdfast!

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