Has ended successfully the 6th edition of the MIX championship for volleyball.
The event took place at Farie Hoti and lasted for about 6 weeks. 
Some of the beautiful moments of the championship will be summarized in this post, as it is impossible not to make part of my work these super moments of the players and the fierce game they performed.
At some moments it seemed like a titanic game, focused and powerful,even though in the end, they all are good friends.
I hope that this event ,carefully arranged by Artur Gjyryku ,could take even bigger dimensions … why not even international.

The “Hunger team” is the winning team of the tournament, members of which are, Arber Troka, Zheni Muca, Jurgen Gorenca, Kejsi Shira, Livia Xhaferaj, Stivi Loka.

The best player of this championship (female) was nominated Bleona Mecorrapaj and the best player male was nominated Blerim Memia.

Let’s enjoy some moments of every game.

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