I was thinking about the slogan “For those who watch and hush” how much brilliance and rejection simultaneously follows within it.

We are beings with many ambitions, where we seek to set our traces in the endless gap of time,so we could never be lost or forgotten.

We are souls that we do not want to die without being accomplished.

We are those who test ourselves in all dimensions, to so challenge the life and destiny or everything else that hinders our minds to achieve any ambitious goal that we label ourselves to.

I met Niada, to get on with a photoshooting set,and besides the good time and joking around in Tirana city, many questions came out of curiosity so that I could understand the world of artists, in this case, the actors.

Niada Saliasi is a professional actress. She has played a lot of roles in theater in movies and television serials.

Let me mention some of the performances and the respective roles where Niada has mastered those.

“Zhurma jashte skene” directed by Kastriot Cipi in 2013, the role played was Viki;

“Shtepi Kukulle”directed by Sokol Pllakolli, the show was performed in Prizren in 2014, the role played was Nora;

“Tartufi”directed by Erion Kame, the show was performed in Tirana at the national theater in 2015, the role performed was Mariana;

“Vrasja e Maratit”directed by Arben Kumbaro, the show was performed in Tirana in 2015, the role played was the patient;

“Sonte do te luajm pa tekst”director Driada Dervishi, the show was performed in Tirana in 2016 at the national theater, the role played was Tottina.

Actress Niada Salias has also performed in many movies, respective roles such as:

– Mother Theresa in the movie with the same name as the character palyed, directed by Ylli Pepo, launched in 2005

-Diana, in the movie “Alive” directed by Artan Minarolli, conducted in 2009

-Ella, in the movie “6 Idiotet” directed by Genti Bejko, attained in 2014

-Gena in “7 Dite” directed by Erion Bubullima,achieved in 2016

The big surprise that comes after all this is that, Niada do not just act in theater or movies  🙂 she also paints, sings, dance and often take great photos and selfies 😉

Recently she was nominated for the Kult Prize, directed from Kult academy.

Niada is ranked among the 6 best albanian actresses of 2017.


During along of our conversations, we understood that we are empathetic types.

To feel the energy of others is as much as blessing as it  a curse.
It happens to meet people who have a certain problem and it could be that we feel the pain the same as or more as the one that has that problem. Living in others shoes never got easy for empaths people.

Empathy approaches and removes you from people. It’s an isolation created in order to protect your energy.

It looks like selfishness, but it is a necessity to survive at the great intersection of the auroral crashes.

In the end we all understand and feel each other’s stories, it is important not to give up to any moment of life, no matter how collisions brings us.

Niada’s message for all of you is to dance with the playful fate, and act like he act with us,Because we all are the mirror of our thoughts.

Contact for Niada
Facebook : Niada Saliasi
Instagram: niada.saliasi

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